Quality Control Laboratory 


The main task of the quality control laboratory is to guarantee a consistently high quality and safety of our products. Highly qualified staff and modern research and testing equipment allows to provide a multi-stage control of raw materials and finished products and ensure compliance with the requirements of technical specifications in terms of quality and safety.

                                                                R&D Laboratory

Research laboratory conducts scientific studies to evaluate ingredients characteristics, develop original formulas and recipes of colors, flavors and complex food additives, and introduce new technologies and products. Studies cover a wide range of meat, confectionery, dairy and other food products.

54204161_2Company’s skilled professionals conduct research and develop a variety of unique blends for the food industry based on the analysis of modern market trends and innovative international experience.
When developing a new complex product, our specialists test every ingredient in the formula of this product. Numerous experiments are conducted on model samples, and subsequently their properties are evaluated for various organoleptic (color, taste, flavor) and physical-chemical parameters (thermo- , light - and acid resistance, solubility, viscosity, etc). Our experts together with consumers make tastings of new developed flavors and complex flavored additives. And only after getting optimal results, we launch a new additive into production.
Scientific research is an integral component of the work of our company which is an important key to success and the guarantee of competitiveness on the food ingredients market.