Basis of kvass drinks

Basis of kvass drinks (further BKD) is developed for soft drink producers.
Kvass is a traditional Russian beverage containing less than 1.5% of alcohol made from incomplete alcohol or lactic acid fermentation of wort.
Kvass drink is made from the same raw materials as for kvass preparation but without alcohol and lactic acid fermentation.
The main component for making kvass is kvass wort concentrate (further KWC). Only natural raw materials such as high quality rye and cornmeal, rye malt, barley malt fermented used in the production of KWC.
A few years ago, our company has developed Basis (BKD) using KWC special technical treatments providing steady drink that doesn't require pasteurization or other methods of refinement of the finished drink. Kvass made using fermentation has a resistance 3-5 days, and after pasteurization to 30 days. Kvass drinks on BKD got resistance 180 days by analogy with drinks at flavors, because the whole micro flora killed and soft drink is sterile.
The kvass drinks made from our BKD have additional substances that provide sensory effect of fermentation, guarantee stability of the drink, immutability of Basis from batch to batch. Special processing system ensures absolute microbiological purity of Basis.
Despite the fact that BKD sales for kvass drinks are rapidly increasing every year, kvass remains the number one drink in Russia and it is very difficult to compete with it. Over the past 10 years market of kvass grew up in 10 times, according to the Association of Soft Drinks Producers. No soft drink demonstrated such growth in Russia. It is also popular in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, and other Eastern and Central European countries as well as in all ex-Soviet states, like Uzbekistan, where one can see many kvass vendors in the streets. But with the same appearance and taste of kvass, our drink (on BKD) has several advantages: the low cost of the finished drink, ease of use, and ability to use both sugar and sweeteners.
Soft drinks on BKD can be easily produced in any beverage plant worldwide.